Diversity & Equity Affairs

The Diversity and Equity Affairs Division serves Middlesex Community College as a catalyst and resource to infuse the values of diversity and equity into all aspects of the College. A college-wide commitment to inclusive excellence and to the educational benefits of diversity require a culture where diversity and equity are woven into the College's teaching, learning and operations, and where all the College's communities are active partners in this work with shared responsibility for its success. A combination of shared vision and programs foster this work.

The Diversity & Equity Affairs Division partners on multiple initiatives and programs at the College:

  • Affirmative Action Office/Title IX Coordinator/ADA Coordinator
  • Compliance
  • Diversity Committee
  • National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI)
  • Massachusetts NCBI Consortium
  • Additional diversity and equity resources including conferences

For more information contact:

Reginald Nichols, Affirmative Action Officer/Assistant Director of Human Resources
Middlesex Community College
Cataldo Building Room 213
 591 Springs Road, Bedford, Massachusetts 01730
Tel: 781-280-3536
Fax: 781-280-3515
Email: nicholsr@middlesex.mass.edu

Darcy Orellana, Associate Director of Human Resources/Chief Diversity Officer/Title IX Coordinator/ADA Coordinator
Middlesex Community College
Cataldo Building, Room 220
591 Springs Road, Bedford, Massachusetts 01730
Tel: 781-280-3559
Fax: 781-280-3515
Email: orellanad@middlesex.mass.edu

Last Modified: 4/27/20