What is an RLO?

An RLO, or Reusable Learning Object, is an interactive tool which allows the user to utilize different modalities of learning and learning styles in order to gain knowledge about something in various ways.


Poetry is often considered the great literary mystery. The following resources are designed to help people become more acquainted with the basics of understanding poetry, offer some auditory examples of poems being read aloud, and provide links to other helpful websites.

Poetry - Audio Files

The Boston Consulting Group has put together a wonderful audio resource, which combines readings of poetry with poignant introductions and analyses. Some featured poets include Robert Frost, Robert Hayden, and Emily Dickinson. For each poet, there are three audio files: an introduction to the poet/poem, the poem itself, and an analysis of the poem.

Robert Frost

Carol Ann Duffy

Robert Hayden

Emily Dickinson

Czeslaw Milosz

Philip Appleman

Rhina P. Espaillat

Ruth Padel

Poetry Links

The following links are to useful resources on poetry:

Poetry.org - a self-proclaimed "resource site for poetry and poets, this website has a number of different resources for people interested in learning about poetry, including a links page to other poetry resources.

Poets.org - this is a website created and maintained by the Academy of American Poets. This is an exhaustive resource full of information, links, audio/video files, and a multitude of other material surrounding American Poets and their poetry.

Last Modified: 2/12/21