Homeland Security

The Program On Homeland Security is an important initiative at MCC. The college recognizes its obligation to assist the First Responder community to better coordinate efforts to prevent, deter, respond to, and - where necessary - recover from major public safety incidents. Such incidents include major public emergencies of all types, both deliberate and accidental. In consultation with chiefs and training officers from law enforcement agencies, fire departments, public health agencies and others concerned with the public safety, health and welfare, the Program will develop and make available practical, professional training and educational offerings to assist First Responders and other interested persons to effectively face and overcome the challenges inherent in the current atmosphere. 

MCC’s Program on Homeland Security includes:

  • Homeland Security and Terrorism Awareness
  • National Incident Management System NIMS 700
  • Incident Command Systems ICS 100, ICS 200, and ICS 300
  • Homeland Security Planning for Local Governments
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) Response Training

Homeland Security Conferences:

  • Avian Influenza Pandemic Conference
  • Greater Lowell Rail Symposium
  • Methamphetamine Abuse Conference
  • Stopping Deadly Staph Infections
  • Opioid


Last Modified: 3/8/21