Lahey Clinic - MCC Education Partnership

Partnerships between nursing education institutions and healthcare facilities are designed to help ease the long-term nationwide nursing shortage and have become an essential component of nursing workforce development. Such a partnership between Middlesex and Lahey Clinic is a model of innovation in the delivery of nursing education.

The partnership enables qualified Lahey employees to attend MCC’s part-time nursing program while continuing to work at Lahey Clinic. The program offers the convenience and flexibility of taking some classes and labs on-site at Lahey’s new state-of-the-art health care education center on Lahey’s Burlington campus. The center houses classrooms, a large training room, a computer lab, and a skills lab, which includes individual training bays that simulate patient care rooms, a computer generated human simulation mannequin, and a mock nursing station.

Middlesex is responsible for the overall planning and implementation of the program, including administration, curriculum content, faculty appointments, student academic advising, and requirements for student admission, matriculation, grading and graduation. Once the Lahey employees are accepted into the MCC nursing program, they are assimilated into the college’s general nursing school population.

“Lahey employees are not in a separate program. They are an integral piece of our part-time nursing program,” said Susan Segal, Chair of the MCC Part-Time Nursing Program, “and are admitted based on exactly the same standards. Their backgrounds are highly diverse, as are the backgrounds of all of our nursing students.” “Lahey and Middlesex had a mutual desire to do something to address the critical nursing shortage in this area. Making it easier for our employees to work while pursuing a nursing degree is a wonderful way to address this issue. Working with Middlesex has been very rewarding, and we have had a tremendous response to the program. The resources and support to become an RN are more accessible to employees than ever before. By offering on-site testing, advising, prerequisite courses and nursing labs, plus substantial financial incentives, we are eliminating many barriers to success.” - Patricia Tyler Director of Workforce Development Lahey Clinic

Last Modified: 3/8/21