The Middlesex Community College Foundation is grateful for all of the sponsors and donors who made bring Kal Penn to Cary Hall possible.

Harold and Kumar Sponsor
Nancy Donahue Foundation

The Namesake Sponsor

House Sponsor
David and Elizabeth Basile
The Desai Family Foundation
Jim and Eileen Henderson

Designated Survivor Sponsor
Eastern Bank
Enterprise Bank
Lowell Sun Charities
Lowell Five Bank
Mahoney Oil Company, Inc.

Sunnyside Sponsor
Judy and Marc Burke
Cabot Corporation
Joanne and Benito Delmonaco
Mark and Jackie Fallon
Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union
JNB & Associates, LLC
Massachusetts ENT Associates
Kathleen and Scott Plath
Riemer & Braunstein Law Firm
Phil Sisson

Last Modified: 11/18/22