Scholarship Application Process - Spring 2022

Congratulations to the Spring 2022 MCC Foundation Scholarship Recipients:

Judith Tarutz Technical Writing Certificate ScholarshipSteve Brown

Marie Ryder Beacon of Hope ScholarshipLaura Ferguson

Mashu and Abu Alam ScholarshipDanisha Ramirez

Mashu and Abu Alam ScholarshipThomas Rua

Muriel G. Hervey Memorial Scholarship- Helena Barley

Muriel G. Hervey Memorial ScholarshipCatherine Kane

Muriel G. Hervey Memorial ScholarshipBrooke Stevenson

Muriel G. Hervey Memorial ScholarshipHisen Teker

Prudence Drake Health Programs Scholarship- Leinad Feliz

Prudence Drake Health Programs ScholarshipYusmeiry Gonzalez

Prudence Drake Health Programs ScholarshipCatherine Houle

Prudence Drake Health Programs ScholarshipAmira Moawad

Prudence Drake Health Programs ScholarshipBilly You

Verena Stair Memorial ScholarshipMital Sanariya

Donated by Mashu and Abu Alam, this scholarship supports MCC students who are from Bangladesh or who have parents or grandparents from Bangladesh.

This award was established by Judith Tarutz to celebrate her success in reshaping her career path to become a professional software technical writer and editor. The author of an award-winning book on technical editing and former instructor in MCC's Software Technical Writing Program, she serves on the College's Technical Writing Advisory Board. She created this grant to help promising new editors and writers acquire the education and skills to succeed in the field of technical publishing.

The purpose of the scholarship is to provide a nursing student interested in Mental Health with the financial support for his/her nursing education at MCC. This scholarship honors, retired faculty member, Maria Ryder, who served in the Nursing Department for more than 40 years at Middlesex Community College. Among her accomplishments, Marie has been instrumental in developing the MCC Veterans' Resources Center (VRC) with its goal to help veterans transition from military to civilian life through education. She describes the VRC as a beacon of hope for many of the patients at the VA Hospital, Edith Nourse Rogers Memorial Veterans Hospital, and she has provided a link between the veterans and MCC through the student nurses that she mentored at the VA Hospital.

The Alam Family wishes to support recently enrolled MCC students with a preference for student(s) of Black/African-American or Latinx/Hispanic heritage. Preference for hardworking students who plan to pursue degrees in Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Nursing, or other Health Career. The donors will fund up to four scholarships. If the recipient performs well at MCC, the donors would like to have the option to renew the student's scholarship for an additional year.

This award recognizes three students who are majoring in paralegal studies and who demonstrate academic excellence and exceptional promise.

Prudence Drake received care from MCC students while a resident at the Carleton-Willard Village Residential Home in Bedford, MA. Her wish was to establish a fund to support students in the Health Careers fields. Two awards for certificate program students and two awards for degree program students.

This award was established by Dr. A.T. Stair, Jr. and his family, with the support of Carol T. Zachor ('90) and friends of MCC, to memorialize the community's memory of Verena, a model for nontraditional students seeking academic fulfillment. The purpose of the scholarship is to assist a nontraditional female student.

Last Modified: 4/19/22