Legal Guidelines

Information on two important laws governing public employees can be found below. The conflict of interest law and the campaign and political finance law are complex and violations can result in hefty fines so it is important that you familiarize yourself with both of these laws. There are serious financial penalties that can be imposed for violations of these laws.

Campaign Finance Law

Office of Campaign and Political Finance -

Campaign and Political Finance Summary of Law

Campaign and Political Finance Public Employee Guide

Ethics Commission Policies & Procedures

Ethics Commission: The State Ethics Commission website has much information relevant to College employees. This is a complex law and we encourage all College employees to review the rules and restrictions that apply.

Within the website, here are some advisories on specific topics:

Ethics Commission Training

State law now requires that all public employees complete the Ethics Commission's training every two years and that the college keep a record that each employee complied.  To do this, the college is using a computer program that sends out to all employees the link to the Ethics Commission training and a process for uploading each employee's certificate of completion that the Ethics Commission's training generates.  You will get a reminder every two years to retake the training and upload a new certificate.

In addition, every year we must send each employee a copy of the summary of laws written by the Ethics Commission and keep a record that each employee received the summary.  To do this, we are using a computer program that sends out an email with the summary every year and records that the employee opened the link.

Last Modified: 8/4/23