Training and Development

Preventing Sexual Harassment: All employees of the college are encouraged to go through this training. All of our employee unions also recommend this training. It is short and interesting. Click to access the training module. You may also access this training on the Diversity Web Page, under Diversity Education.

FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act): All employees who handle confidential student information should take this training. Click here to access the training module.

Ethics Laws: State law requires that all state employees take the State Ethics Commission’s Conflict of Interest training every two years. State law also requires that the College send to all employees a summary of the Conflict of Interest law every year. All employees must retrieve the summary of the Conflict of Interest Law, and must complete the Conflict of Interest training program, in Blackboard. Click here for instructions regarding obtaining the summary of the law and completing the training program. Click here for additional information from the State Ethics Commission’s website.

Privacy and Security: State law requires that the college adopt strict standards for protecting personally identifiable information (PII) and to train employees annually. The Data Security Team has provided training for the past two years and will continue to offer training every year. Visit the Data Security Web Page for more information.

Search Committee Training: All employees who serve on search committees must go through search committee training. This training is provided by HR and the Affirmative Action Officer as needed.

Manager and Supervisor Training/FAQ Guides:

Last Modified: 9/20/21