International Student Services Office

The International Student Services Office helps international students to discover new ways to connect, learn, grow and succeed. Navigating through the maze of resources can be challenging and knowing where to start is a common question, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the landscape or university culture. The ISSO helps to guide you through these and other common situations while also helping you ‘find your place’ on campus, both virtually and in-person.


International Student Handbook
Your guide to F-1 visa regulations and life in the U.S.!

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Programs & Events:

Coffee Hour
Join us every Thursday afternoon at 4:00pm via Zoom!!

International Student Dinner

Each year we celebrate our International Students studying in the U.S. with a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner. We highlight traditions around the world and share our gratitude for our diverse international students!

For more information, please contact Pat Demaras (Pat's email) or Maria McDuffie Clark (Maria's email). You may also visit the International Admissions web page.

Last Modified: 8/9/21