Print & Electronic Publications

Writing Job Copy -- For most job requests, please write a brief outline or first draft of your job copy in Microsoft Word.

Don’t worry about writing “snappy” copy, our writers will rewrite the info you submit, and edit it for accuracy and to conform to college style. (Decisions on word usage are based on the MCC Style Guide )

Please email all job copy as a Word document to:  (Sorry, we cannot accept Publisher files. Only Word documents open on our computers.)

Also email any other assets – photographs, logos, line drawings – to be included in your job/project to:

Design & Layout – There is no need to submit a pre-designed document. Our graphic designers will design your job and return it to you for final approval.

Approvals/Proofing -- After your copy has been edited, your assets received, and a graphic designer has completed a layout, you will be emailed a series of proofs for review and return in the following order:

  1. PDF preliminary proof – please review & return with edits/comments
  2. PDF revised proof – please review your changes & return
  3. PDF final proof – for your final approval (which must be conveyed via email)

Please review your proofs carefully and let the designer know if you have any edits or questions. If there are no changes, please reply to the email with “APPROVED” in the body of the email.  

We ask that you make every effort to email all proofs back to us promptly (within two business days). If proofs get held up in your office, your delivery date could be postponed. Nothing will proceed to the copy/print stage until we receive your final approval (via email or in writing).

A Note About Errors

Although we proofread all documents as carefully as possible, YOU are ultimately responsible for the accuracy of your document. Your office will be charged for all errors that require changes to final proofs from the printer or final printed pieces.

Novelty Items --
A wide variety of promotional items – from pens and pencils to stationery and flash drives – can be imprinted with the Middlesex name & logo and ordered in bulk as giveaways to be handed out to prospective students or clients.

Programs and departments that have the funds to pay for novelty items can request them through the Office of Marketing Communications.

To place an order, please submit an online Marketing Communications Request Form and allow 8-10 weeks from the first meeting, to process a Purchase Order and create artwork.

Creative & Print Timelines

Marketing Communications completed more than 1,000 jobs last year, and every job is important to us. In order to ensure your project flows as smoothly as possible and meets your specified deadline, see the list below and follow these guidelines about how long it generally takes to complete different types of projects:

  • Fliers -- 2-4 weeks prior to date needed
  • Brochures -- 3-6 weeks prior to date needed
  • Posters -- 3-6 weeks prior to date needed
  • Multiple-page booklets -- 8 weeks prior to date needed
  • Signage -- 2-4 weeks prior to date needed
  • Display/Presentation Materials -- 3-4 weeks prior to date needed
  • Color Printing of Files -- 3-5 days prior to date needed

Here are some variables that could affect our ability to meet your deadline:

  • Incomplete copy, late copy and/or missing assets/information
  • Client delays throughout the project
  • Extensive copyediting: Copy that requires a lot of editing and rewriting will take longer (Please let us know in advance if you need help writing your copy)
  • New photographs required and availability of subjects to be photographed
  • Large quantities: Big print runs can take more time
  • Last-minute changes at the printer's proof stage: These can be costly and really hold up a project
Last Modified: 9/20/19