Photo of 4 MCC Students - Welcome Back! Return to Campus

Welcome to MCC!

We are happy to welcome you on campus!

Students, faculty and staff safety is our primary concern. A few things to know before arriving:

  • Masks are required on both campuses and should be worn indoors in all spaces

As of January 2022, all students, faculty and staff must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19*

*A COVID-19 booster is currently not required to attend MCC but it is strongly encouraged. 


      • MCC Faculty/Staff COVID-19 Vaccination Policy
      • MCC Faculty/Staff  vaccine requirements FAQ's (effective November, 2021)
      • MCC Faculty/Staff Reasonable Accommodation Request Form
        • Any employee needing to request a reasonable accommodation must complete this form. The interactive process is estimated to take a minimum of ten (10) business days following the receipt of satisfactory documentation supporting the employee’s eligibility for reasonable accommodation. Employees seeking an approved reasonable accommodation before the January 3, 2022 deadline should submit their reasonable accommodation request and provide necessary documentation as soon as possible and without delay in order to allow adequate time for the interactive process to occur in compliance with the policy.


  • MCC has COVID-19 testing available by appointment 
    • Location: Lowell Campus, Federal Building, Room 222
  • Mask and hand sanitizing stations are located at the front entry of buildings and throughout campus
  • Student greeters and staff are available to assist visitors on both campuses
  • One stop Student Information Centers are located on both campuses offering student service
     - Lowell, Cowan Center, Third Floor
     - Bedford, Building 9, First Floor of Enrollment Center

Middlesex features a variety of on campus courses, student support services and resources to meet your needs. The college has set up protocols to ensure your health and safety when visiting the campuses in Bedford or Lowell. 

Please note: students can choose to take advantage of MCC’s award-winning online courses, student services and resources.

While you are on campus, please be advised:

  • Signage has been posted in conspicuous places with protocol reminders
  • Touchless paper towel and soap dispensers are installed in bathrooms
  • Disinfectants and/or cleaning wipes are provided in each classroom
  • Classrooms are sanitized daily after all classes are done for the day
  • Buildings require daily check-ins and checkouts via QR codes using MCC’s mobile app

More Information

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Last Modified: 1/20/22