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Full-Service Community School Grant

“Inspired by an anti-drug rally in 2015 led by students and Career Academy Principal Megan O’Loughlin, the now-schoolwide Community Impact class teaches students how to understand social issues and take action to improve their community. Through exploration of demographic data and local conflict, each of the nine advisory classes chooses an issue that matters most to the group, researches it and identifies local partners who are already working to tackle the issue. Then, the students contact these partners and create an original project to address it together.

The Career Academy is in its fourth year of partnership with Middlesex Community College, which provides dual-enrollment credit in Service-Learning for completion of the Community Impact course. To date, 65 students have earned college credit for their participation in this course.”                            

 – The Lowell Sun

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Most Recent Community Impact Projects:

Spring Refresh

Basketball with LPD

Community Boxing Lesson

PSA: Stray Needle Safety

Pack the Pantry


For more information regarding the partnership, or the Lowell Career Academy, please contact:

Lauren Campion

Full Service Community School Program Manager

Career Academy | Engagement Center

Lowell Public Schools


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