Athletics FAQ

What sports are available?

Currently, all athletics are postponed due to covid-19.


Who is eligible to play?

All currently enrolled MCC students who are in good academic (2.0 GPA) and behavioral standing are eligible to participate regardless of their demographics. MCC faculty and staff may participate if they do not displace an eligible student.


When are practices/games for the teams?

Each team has a different schedule. All games and practices take place in the evening. Hockey plays their home games on Saturday nights and practices on Wednesday nights at 10pm. Generally, intramural teams have one game and one practice a week for the six-week schedule. Intramural games are held on weeknights Sunday through Thursday any time between 5pm and 10pm. Please contact specific coaches to inquire about team schedules.


Where are the games and practices?

Please see the Facilities/Directions for game and practice locations.


Do they cost anything?

We try to keep costs as low as possible, however some teams do require a player fee. MCC Hockey has a player fee that is due at the beginning of the season. Intramural teams are free. Contact to inquire about other fees.


What do I need to bring to the games/ practices?

All players MUST bring their MCC student ID to every game. You will not be permitted to play without it. There are no exceptions to this rule. Each sport requires different equipment. Individuals are required to have any personal equipment needed (shoes, clothing, mouth guard, pads). However, team equipment (goals, balls etc) will be provided.


Who do we play games against?

MCC Intramural teams play against UMass Lowell teams. The soccer teams play against adult league teams throughout Massachusetts. Hockey travels and plays against colleges within New England. Some of those colleges include Dartmouth, UMaine, Coast Guard Academy, WPI, Suffolk, Mass Maritime, Sacred Heart, Nichols College, and Babson College.


Once I have made a team, how do I log on to

Register through the IMLeagues website: Please DO NOT register on IMLeagues unless you have made one of MCC’s teams and been told to sign up. For more information on IMLeagues and how to register visit: IM Leagues Registration Page. There is NOT a $10 team registration fee – that is just for UML students.


Can I play on a UML team?

MCC students may NOT play on a UML intramural team. If they sign up for a UML team, they will disqualify that team. MCC students must play on an MCC team.


Does MCC provide transportation to the games?

For most games, MCC does not provide transportation to the games. For teams that travel great distances, MCC tries to provide transportation.


Who should I contact with my questions?

Please contact the Coordinator of Athletics & Student Engagement, Emily Norton, at

Last Modified: 9/3/20