About Paul H. Sullivan

Paul SullivanPaul H. Sullivan (May 24, 1957 – September 9, 2007) was born in Lowell, MA and lived most of his life in Tewksbury, MA where his father and grandfather had been on the town's Board of Selectmen. Sullivan would later serve on the Board himself. He graduated from Austin Preparatory School in 1975, from UMass Lowell with a degree in political science, and from Simmons College with a Masters in Communications Management.

Sullivan began his career as a columnist and political editor for the Lowell Sun in 1991. His radio career began at WLLH in Lowell during the late 1980s. He hosted the "Morning Magazine" program. He started broadcasting in Boston as a substitute talker on WRKO in 1996. Sullivan would later appear on a TV news roundtable on WCVB called "Five on Five." It was on this show that a popular WBZ talk show host, David Brudnoy, spotted Sullivan and recruited him for WBZ radio. He began working as a talk show host for WBZ in 1999. Upon his death, Dan Rae took over his time slot.

"It's up to us to not only help identify leaders of tomorrow, but to teach them what it means to lead."

–Paul H. Sullivan (1957-2007)

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