Academic Suspension - Frequently Asked Questions

For Fall 2022: Students will NOT be asked to sit out for the Fall 2022 semester. Student will be required to complete the Academic Success Plan located in E-Forms Central and meet with the Assistant Director of Academic Progress and Retention before the beginning of the Fall 2022 semester. Information will be provided on how to schedule an appointment through your MCC email.

What is “Satisfactory Academic Progress?”

All students are expected to make progress toward a degree to continue at MCC.  Your academic standing and “satisfactory academic progress” is determined by the cumulative grade point average (CGPA) required based on the credit count of courses you have completed at MCC.


Why am I on Academic Suspension?

Two semesters ago you were placed on Academic Probation pursuant to college policy which is depicted in the chart below. You did not raise your cumulative GPA to a level above probation in your next two enrolled semesters as required by your probationary status. This resulted in you being suspended from the college.

Credits Hours Toward GPA*

Good Standing Cumulative GPA(CGPA)

Academic Warning Cumulative GPA

Academic Probation Cumulative GPA

Fewer than 17 credits


Below 2.0


17-34 credits


1.8 or greater and below 2.0

Below 1.80

More than 34 credits



Below 2.0

*Credits Hours toward GPA include all letter grades (“A” through “F”)


How long will I be suspended for?

You are required to sit-out a minimum of one semester.  After that time you may return to the college. It is recommended that you meet with the Academic Progress Coordinator during the semester you are not enrolled to plan for your return. Students who choose to sit-out more than one semester will follow the same procedures upon their return to the college.

Can I appeal my Academic Suspension?

Yes. Only appeals received by the deadline indicated in the notification letter will be reviewed. Refer to the Academic Suspension Appeal website.


Can I return to the college after sitting out for one semester?

Yes, you may return after sitting out for one or more semester(s).  You will need to call the college in November at (800) 818-3434 to request that your admission to Middlesex be reactivated.  All students returning after Academic Suspension must meet with an academic advisor.


How do I make an appointment with an advisor to return to the college after sitting out for one semester?

All students must meet with an advisor to select classes and develop an academic plan upon return.  Appointments are available beginning in October.  Call (800) 818-3434 for your appointment, or, students in these groups can meet with area specific advisors by calling:

  • Criminal Justice – (781) 280-3630
  • Students receiving Disabilities Support Services – (781) 280-3637
  • Student Success Program participants – (978) 656-3384
  • Program for Student Achievement participants – (978) 656-3323
  • Lowell Connections Students – (978) 656-3264


How does Academic Suspension affect my Financial Aid?

Financial Aid Probation is a separate process from Academic Standing.  It is very important for you to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your eligibility and financial aid status (781)280-3650 or (978)656-3242.



Last Modified: 7/12/22