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Paying for College - Student Financial Services for New Students

As a new student, we know you and your family may have a lot of questions about tuition, paying for college and remaining financially healthy. Our team of dedicated counselors and specialists are here to help!

Community colleges offer the lowest tuition of all the state colleges and universities. On average, a course from MCC costs 45% less than the same course offered at the local 4-year university. That means thousands of dollars in savings for MCC Associate degree students.

Your money matters! MCC is a smart choice for students and their families. Our award-winning programs are taught by experienced and dedicated faculty, often with the same textbooks as the 4-year state colleges and universities. Looking for a Bachelor's degree? Starting at MCC you can earn an Associate degree in as little as two years and earn credits that transfer you into a bachelor's program as a junior.

Check out how MCC's tuition compares and use our Net Price Calculator to estimate* your tuition bill.


Cost of Attendance

The Cost of Attendance (COA) is the estimated cost of attending college in a given year. It’s included the cost of tuition and fees, books and supplies, room and board, transportation and personal expenses for a full-time (12 credits per term) student attending for the fall and spring terms:

Below is the estimated COA for in-state students (tuition rates vary based on residency)

Living with Parent

Tuition and Fees = 6,048

Food and Housing = 4,600

Miscellaneous = 636

Transportation = 1,200

Books & Supplies = 1,100

Off Campus

Tuition and Fees = 6,048

Room and Board = 13,000

Miscellaneous = 954

Transportation = 1,200

Books & Supplies = 1,100


There are many ways to finance your education:

For financial aid assistance, including FAFSA help, scholarship information, work study opportunities and special incentives, contact the Financial Aid Office:

  • Financial Aid -
  • Lowell Financial Aid phone number: 978-656-3242
  • Bedford Financial Aid phone number: 781-280-3650

For tuition, billing and payment questions, including enhanced online financial services and payment plans, contact Student Accounts at:

  • Student Accounts -
  • Lowell Student Accounts phone number: 978-656-3291
  • Bedford Student Accounts phone number: 781-280-3645

For financial wellness support, including MCC's FREE financial-literacy app, personal money management, smart borrowing and repaying student loan advice, contact a Financial Wellness Specialist at:

* It is important to remember that the Net Price Calculator should only be used as a way to estimate your bill. It is not a way to get an exact amount of what a semester will cost. When registering, you should keep in mind other expenses that will not show up on your billing statement such as books and supplies. Once you have registered The Student Accounts Office will be able to provide you with a more precise billing statement.


Last Modified: 5/17/24