What can I do with a major in...

Not sure where to begin? Our career counselors are available to help. They can show you the steps to good career decision-making and provide you with several assessment tools that help to identify your interests, academic strengths, and skills. Focus 2, our online, self guided program shows the relationship between career goals and major areas of study, is easy to navigate, and makes the exploration process fun!

With access to our Career Resource Center and the Middlesex library, you can review career oriented material, as well as job listings for summer work, internships, volunteer opportunities and full time employment. Our career counselors also offer special programs that feature professionals from a variety of career fields, so that you can hear firsthand about their experiences in the workplace.

Please visit Career Services for additional information!

We also offer:

  • Career focused degrees and certificates
  • Career development courses
  • Customized training for business and industry
Last Modified: 8/4/23