Medical Terminology

Medical Terminology for Everyone

This course will give you a practical understanding of medical terms to help you further your career and communicate more effectively with health care providers. Medical language is explained in the context of how the body works in health and disease. Individuals of all educational backgrounds will learn important medical terminology through easy-to-follow explanations, interesting examples, and numerous reinforcement exercises. The course is intended for those in the medical field, career changers, and everyone interested in gaining knowledge of medical terminology. The instructor, Davi Ellen Chabner, has developed a proven method which is engaging and accessible. The course includes practical applications, real life stories, and the association of medical terms to the systems of the body.  

Note: This class will require your obtaining a new and current hard copy edition of The Language of Medicine, 12th edition, by Davi-Ellen Chabner. This text is not only a valuable workbook, but also  includes useful reference resources such as a Mini Dictionary.  (20 hours)

Course Cost: $189  
Students will need to purchase the text seperately.

9/19 - 11/21    5:30pm - 7:30pm    Tuesdays
Bedford Campus, Henderson Hall room 111
HLT 786 30        18381

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