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MCC Student Bensu BaştopcuBensu Baştopcu

Home Country: Turkey

Graduates from MCC: 2020

Program: Psychology

While on campus: Member of the Multicultural Career Institute, Orientation Leader, International Student Ambassador, Supplemental Instruction leader, Leadership in Action participant

"At Middlesex, I learned and experienced diversity. People here appreciate differences, and I was different..."

Middlesex Community College student Bensu Bastopcu came to study in the United States from Turkey in 2017. She knew very little about American culture or the education system, and was nervous about whether she would fit in to this new place.

Arriving at MCC in January 2018, Bastopcu was happy to discover that differences are celebrated on campus, and that all students are made to feel welcome.

“Here, is my home now,” the 27-year-old psychology student proudly declared in a recent interview. Read the full story.

Last Modified: 8/4/23