College Closing & Inclement Weather Policy

Guidelines for Faculty & Staff

Announcements regarding closing of the college are placed on social media, TV, radio, the college telephone system and the website.

Announcements in the morning that the college is closed indicate only that “Day” classes (starting between 7:30am and 4:30pm) are being canceled or delayed.

Announcements regarding "Evening" (classes beginning after 4:30pm and weekend classes, Saturday and Sunday) are usually made after 2pm.  

When the college is closed, non-essential personnel should not report to work to enable the Facilities Department to handle conditions caused by weather so that the college can open safely as soon as possible.

Please note that whenever a “Delayed Opening” is indicated, it means that classes and offices are opening at 9:30AM with the class starting at or immediately after that time regardless of what the media may broadcast as the stated time of the delayed opening.  This is because some media outlets will not let the College specify a specific opening time.  Instead, they may require the delay to specified as a one, two, or three hour delayed opening. 

In the event of inclement weather or a campus emergency, you can access campus-closing, Delayed Opening, and other important campus information via:

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MCC Emergency Text Messages /College Alerts -   Sign up to receive College text alerts on your cell phone. Enter your cell phone number into MiddleNet.

  1. Login to MiddleNet
  2. Click Personal Information from the Menu
  3. Click Update Address and Phone
  4. Click the "Current" link under Mailing Address
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page to enter cell phone number
  6. Select 'Cell Phone Number" under Phone Type
  7. Enter Area Code
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 MCC Website -   Visit us:

 Telephone -   Call us: 1-800-818-3434.

 TV -   Tune in: Channel 4 (4WBZ) , Channel 5 (ABC), Channel 7 (WHDH) and Channel 25 (FOX).

 Radio -   Listen to: WBZ (1030 AM), WCAP (980 AM) and WRKO (680 AM).

 Delayed Opening – In the case of a "delayed opening" announcement, the college will open for classes beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Safety Concerns/Other Information

When the college is not closed, but inclement weather exists in varying degrees, faculty and staff must use their own judgment in determining if conditions in their area make it unsafe for them to come to the college. If faculty and staff determine that conditions preclude their travel, personal, vacation, or compensatory (if available) leave must be utilized. In addition, the normal notification of absence procedures must be followed so that students and visitors are not unduly inconvenienced by the absence.

Essential personnel (primarily Facilities Staff) should report for work during closing and delayed openings unless otherwise instructed by their supervisors.

Benefited faculty and staff should record their attendance as “REG” pay on a day the college is closed. Adjunct faculty should consult with their Division Dean regarding their obligations on a day when the college is closed. Whenever a College is closed due to inclement weather or other emergency situations, a part-time MCCC professional staff member will be paid for the hours that the unit member missed due to the closure; unless, for grant-funded employees, the terms of the grant do not permit such payment.
Other non-benefited Staff should work with their respective supervisors regarding their obligations, however, for times when the college is closed, hours cannot be submitted on time sheets.

December 2016

Last Modified: 8/4/23