“Newscaster”, Email Broadcast News, Policy – Effective

The college allows the use of the email news capability to post notices in the following categories:

  1. Information about college programs, activities, events, and employment related matters of potential applicability to significant numbers of employees.
  2. Personal or Family news of college employees (such as births, deaths, marriages or other significant life events). The posting of this information must be approved in advance by the involved employee or family members, as well as the Human Resources Office.

The college “newscaster” will not be used to publicize programs or events that are not directly related to the college or student activities.

Please note that details about how to place a message on the Email news are available on the Middlesex portal by linking to Technology Center Services, Knowledge Base and then selecting “Search” to locate Knowledge Base Case #308, “Newscaster: Submitting Messages”.

September, 2013

Last Modified: 8/4/23