First-Year Experience (FYE)

First-Year Experience logoOrientation into college life takes more than the week or so typically devoted to this initial experience if students are to become fully engaged. National research has shown what we at Middlesex have intuitively known all along: Students are more successful – in completing their courses, in graduation rates, in their overall achievement – when they are personally engaged with their college. Having an affinity with even one member of the faculty or staff can create that bond, and we encourage our students to get to know us at Middlesex.

A key part of this is our enhanced First-Year Experience, which we continue to hone to better support new students as they transition into college life. These include:

  • First-Year Experience activities: a series of co-curricular engagement activities designed to orient new students to Middlesex campus life. Stop by the Center for Leadership and Engagement to learn more or to register for these programs.

Ours is a deliberate effort to go beyond the traditional welcome to first year students. We want to engage and excite them with what it means to be a Middlesex student and a member of the larger community. We want to make them aware of academic and co-curricular opportunities. Most of all, we want them to stay involved with their studies, set a path for their future and then make it happen.

Last Modified: 9/3/20