Assessment Day Toolkit for Team Leaders

Assessment Day Agenda 2018   ISLOS
agenda   ISLOs
Artifact Preparation Tips Artifact Assessment Organizer Tips Final Checklist for Team Leaders
agenda Artifact Organization Diagram  Last Minute Organizer
Generic Score Sheet (e-mail Wendy Khadjikian for Excel version) Multicultural Global Scoring Spreadsheet
(e-mail Wendy Khadjikian for Excel version)
MCC Multicultural Literacy Rubric
Scoring Sheet CT Scoring Rubric hybrid
Assessment Day Summary Sheet (return to Dean, Assistant Dean)   NEASC E-Series Form (return to Dean, Assistant Dean)
Assessment Day Summary Sheet   erseries inventory

Also consider using the resources below from the Learning Assessment Research Consortium, a group that includes the following seven New England colleges and universities:
  • Fitchburg State University
  • Framingham University
  • Manchester Community College
  • Suffolk University
  • Simmons College
  • St. Michael's College
  • MGH Institute of Health Professionals


Learning Assessment Research Module: Gathering Data   Learning Assessment Research Module: Using Data
LARM   Using Data
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