Teaching, Learning and Reflection Center

Faculty Fellow Program

Each year, a member of the MCC faculty is selected to serve as a TLR Center Faculty Fellow. The one-year appointment includes a minimum time commitment of three hours a week as well as a minimum of two presentations on teaching and learning.

The faculty member that demonstrates expertise in an area related to teaching and learning is chosen and serves as a resource to individual faculty members, assisting them with one or more activities, such as research, teaching strategies, curriculum design, or assessment. For example, a faculty fellow may help individual faculty members research, redesign or improve a portion of a course by clarifying learning objectives and aligning them with activities and assessments.

If you are looking for a commitment to advance and promote the institutional support and reward of teaching and learning, and are interested in the development of new teaching strategies and innovations in pedagogy, call Phyllis Gleason, Associate Dean of Professional and Instructional Development, extension 3729 or email gleasonp@middlesex.mass.edu.

Last Modified: 8/4/23