ISLOs (Institutional Student Learning Outcomes)

The Institutional Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) of Middlesex Community College represent the core abilities which MCC  students acquire while studying at Middlesex. All our efforts center on helping students acquire these skills regardless of the students' degree programs.

The ISLO section of the Teaching and Learning Reflection Center provides resources for faculty and staff  to develop their understanding of the ISLOs and to identify the best practices for promoting them.

Critical Thinking

The MCC graduate will demonstrate an ability to

  • understand, interpret and analyze information in order to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving
  • demonstrate knowledge acquisition through comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation
  • use quantitative and scientific reasoning
  • use knowledge integration, reasoning, and problem-solving across disciplines

Written and Oral Communication

The MCC graduate will

  • communicate effectively through writing and speech
  • demonstrate information literacy, numeracy skills and technology fluency

Quantitative Literacy  

The MCC graduate will demonstrate an ability to

  • interpret quantitative data
  • represent quantitative data
  • calculate, apply, and analyze quantitative data
  • communicate  quantitative data

Social Responsibility

The MCC graduate will demonstrate

  • social responsibility both within and outside of the classroom
  • multicultural and diversity awareness
  • ethics, values, and social justice
  • citizenship and civic engagement

Personal and Professional Development

The MCC graduate will demonstrate the capacity for 

  • on-going personal and professional development
  • independent and life-long learning
  • professionalism and accountability
  • collaboration
  • managing responsibilities and adapting to change
  • initiative and self-advocacy
  • self-assessment

Multicultural and Global Literacy

The MCC graduate will communicate an understanding of

  • the world from a global  perspective
  • historical, political, economic and social trends
  • scientific and environmental developments
  • aesthetic appreciation and creativity


Last Modified: 8/4/23