What is Hyflex Learning?

HyFlex = Hybrid-Flexible – the future of learning!

With HyFlex courses at Middlesex Community College, you can choose whether to take it in-person or on Zoomon aclass-to-class basis.

HyFlex learning is:

  • One course taught in-person and online at the same time
  • Taught by one professor who engages all students in-person and online
  • Flexible, inclusive and accessible to fit your needs for every class session

Whether in-person or online, you will have opportunities to engage in class discussions and group work using a range of technology, including breakout rooms and Google docs.

Sometimes, the unexpected happens.

Instead of having to miss class, HyFlex courses can more easily help you balance getting an education with your personal and life responsibilities. Make the choice each class that works best for your schedule!

Facts about HyFlex courses at MCC:

  • 14 HyFlex classrooms on both campuses
  • 60 individuals trained in HyFlex instruction
  • 12 HyFlex courses in Fall 2022
Last Modified: 8/4/23