MCC Bookstores FAQs

The MCC Bookstores are following the College's guidelines for direct services regarding facemasks and social distancing. We continue to conduct sales and services online with curbside delivery or home delivery for those who prefer to shop that way, but we are now opening our doors to customers who prefer to shop in person.

Bookstore Contacts

Bedford Campus
Bldg 8, Campus Center
Stephan Anstey, Manager
(Follett Store 136)

Lowell Campus
Derby Bldg, 88 Middle Street
Barry Brown, Manager
(Follett Store 137)
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Where can I buy my books online?

The MCC Bookstores are part of and each location has its own online store: (Lowell, 137) and (Bedford, 136)

These online stores can be linked to from the MCC Homepage  by several paths or by a simple search:
MyMCC / Courses I am Taking / Textbooks
MyMCC / BlackBoard / Launch Follett Discover
MyMCC / Course Catalog / Course & Section / Textbooks

You can create a list of your required course materials by entering your Student ID#..

Best Practice: Check both sites. Some course materials are listed only in Bedford and some are listed only in Lowell.

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How do I know what books to buy?

Your instructor's syllabus is the best source of information about your course materials. We try to keep accurate information, but scheduling changes (and mistakes) can sometimes mean our information is wrong. 

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How can I pay for my books?

MC/ Visa / Amex / Discover; MCC Financial Aid; MRC and VA purchase orders / MCC purchase orders / Follett Gift Cards / Cash (We do not accept checks.)

Financial Aid purchases are subject to restrictions. Please do not try to purchase anything other than course materials and course-related technology and supplies with financial aid.

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Can I rent books with my Financial Aid?

Yes, but a rental account must be created and secured with a credit card (MC / Visa / Amex only)

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Can I buy other things online like school supplies and tech gear?

Yes, and more--BUT please do not abuse your Financial Aid privileges—

• MCC Financial Aid covers up to $150.00 in course-related supplies
• VA accounts are restricted to $75.00 in supplies each semester (other restrictions also apply)
• MRC accounts cover only required course materials (unless otherwise specified)

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Why should I register on instead of checking out as a guest?

Registering provides several key benefits: a printable purchase history; access to tracking information; and access to a rental return label.

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Does it matter which email address I use?

Use your MCC email account ( for all MCC activity including registering for, for textbook rentals, and for creating any accounts with third-party course-materials providers such as Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Cengage, Wiley, and Redshelf/Brytewave.

Using your MCC email address helps keep your emails out of the College spam filters. Registering for 3rd-party sites (Bryetwave, Pearson, McGraw-Hill, Cengage) with your MCC email keeps all of your course materials accounts in sync and allows us to deliver many digital materials directly through BlackBoard.

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How do I return my rented textbooks when the store is closed?

Instructions for Shipping:

  • Follow the links to create a shipping label.
    • Keep the tracking # for proof of delivery.
  • Pack and label your books and take them to any shipping location (UPS or Fedex - depending on the label).
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What does ‘Follett Access’ mean?

'Follett Access' sections have digital course materials that are required; the cost is included in your course registration fees. Follett Access delivers courseware and etexts to students through 3rd party vendors more conveniently and at a lower cost than buying the same materials directly from those vendors. Do not try to purchase materials marked 'Follett Access.' 

Follett Access ebooks are delivered about a week before the start of class. You will receive an email with a link to; always use your MCC email for this account.

Follett Access courseware is usually delivered through BlackBoard. If you need an Access Code for the courseware, your instructor will provide it. You may also need a Course ID--a course code identifies your instructor's customized course. 

Best Practice: If you see that your course is marked "Follett Access," read the syllabus and any other preliminary material before you try to access your digital materials.

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Can I opt out of Follett Access and get those fees removed from my bill?

Yes, but be careful. Opting out may have negative consequences. Understand what you are giving up before you opt out. The materials we provide through Follett Access are meant to be the lowest cost versions available. Our vendor partners promise not to undersell us.

We provide two kinds of digital content: ebooks and courseware. Ebooks are digital versions of textbooks. Courseware is educational software that can be customized by your instructor and that usually has exercises and even quizzes and tests that you need to access to complete the course requirements.

You might want to opt out of receiving a digital ebook if you prefer print, or if you find a lower-cost print book to purchase or rent. You should only ever opt out of receiving digital courseware if you already have access because of a previous purchase or course, or because you have confirmed with your instructor that the courseware is not required for you to complete your course.

The decision to opt out is by course, not by item. (If the course includes courseware and an ebook, you must opt out of both.) Opting out of Follett Access cannot be reversed. If you opt out of Follett Access in a course in which the courseware is required, your courseware registration may be canceled and any work you have done may be lost. You risk not being able to complete your course.

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How do I opt out of Follett Access?

Before the end of the College add/drop period, send an email to / subject "Opt Out" cc: your instructor. In the body of the email list the following:

Phone #
Department / Course / Section (e.g. ENG 101 01)
Reason for opting out:
____Materials are not required
____Prefer print
____Carryover access because of previous course registration: Dept / Course / Section / Term
____Already have access code (provide code)

If your course uses courseware (and not simply an ebook),the MCC Bookstore will notify the vendor and by removing your name from our course census. Your ebook will be removed from your shelf. Your alternative access to the courseware will be verified, and if the vendor cannot verify your alternative access, your courseware account will be closed.

The MCC Bookstore will notify MCC Student Accounts after the end of the College add/drop period. Student  Accounts will adjust your bill. 

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More Questions? Need Help?

Contact Barry at in Lowell or Stephan at in Bedford.

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Last Modified: 10/28/21