Sequence of Courses

We recommend that you discuss your course selection with the faculty advisors to the Biotechnology program. Those advisors are: Biotechnology program coordinator, Dr. Mariluci Bladon (978-656-3092) and Biotechnology Professor, Paul Patev (978-656-3094).

Cluster I for Certificate/Associate

The first four courses in the program are the foundation of all subsequent courses and should be taken upon admission to the Biotechnology Certificate or Associate degree programs. They can be taken all in one semester or fewer courses per semester.

  • English Composition I
  • General Biology I
  • Mathematics for Technology
  • Introduction to Chemistry, College Chemistry I, or General Chemistry I

Cluster II for Certificate/Associate

These four courses are the remaining courses of the Biotechnology Certificate. Please discuss course selection with Dr. Mariluci Bladon or Professor Paul Patev.

  • Microbiology for Industrial Applications
  • Quality Control and Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Methods of Biotechnology
  • Internship in Biotechnology

Cluster III: The Associate Degree

After completion of the Certificate program, students are eligible to begin the Associate Degree. Since all 29 credits from the Certificate count toward the Associate Degree, only 37 credits remain. The 37 credits are 11 courses, that is, 5 science and 6 general education courses (listed below). Please discuss course selection with Dr. Mariluci Bladon or Professor Paul Patev.

Science Requirements

  • Immunology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Principles of Biochemistry
  • Special Topics in Biotechnology
  • Advanced Techniques in Biotechnology

General Education Requirements

  • English Composition II: An Introduction to Literature
  • Computers for Technology or Introduction to Computer Science or Programming I
  • Statistics
  • Economics and Management in High Tech Industry
  • Introduction to Bioethics
  • Behavioral Science Elective

Last Modified: 3/25/24