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Algebra ll Review
This review course is intended for students entering 8th - 12th grade that would like to strengthen their algebra skills.  Content includes the following topics: Systems of equations, Quadratics, Graphing, Factoring, Solving (with and without quadratic Equation), Absolute Value, Radicals.  Students participating are required to have a solid foundation in Algebra 1. (10 hrs) $129
*New Day, date & time* 3/14 - 4/11     6pm-8pm         Thursday
Bedford Campus              Building and Room TBA
Course Number:  YTH 787 30       CRN: 20105    Professor: WEISMAN
No class April 9  

The Art of Presentation: Speaking with Confidence
Does the thought of public speaking fill you with dread? This program, designed for teens, will focus on ways to use your voice and build confidence to set a solid foundation for success.  Students will practice speaking in a supportive environment while learning and using both verbal and non-verbal tools to increase self-esteem to feel comfortable in any setting.  (3 hrs) $45
3/26 - 04/09   5:30pm - 6:30pm   Tuesday
Online with class meeting times
Course Number:  YTH 823 75      CRN: 20322    Professor: HAHN

Makeup Application for Beginners
It is never too early to learn the basic principles of good skincare and applying makeup. We will explore how to choose correct colors for your skin tone and appropriate looks for different settings. You will look as great as you feel when you show off your new beauty skills. This course is designed for youth ages twelve and up. (2 hrs) $30
04/19 10:00am - 12:00pm    Friday
Online with class meeting times
Course Number:  YTH 785 76    CRN: 20324    Professor: HAHN

Business Career Exploration
High school students will explore their personality, skills, values, and life by learning concepts of introduction to business and the various types of organizations that exist along with financial accounting and learning how to understand simplified financial statements. This course will include career mapping, writing, and research to formulate a real-world perspective on current jobs in the fields of business and accounting, and the requirements needed to achieve them. The class will culminate with a cumulative assessment.  Upon successful completion, students can earn one (1) credit for MCC’s IDS 131 - Business Career Exploration.  $175
4/10 – 5/15     3:30p – 5:45p     Wednesday
Online with Class Meeting Times
Course Number: YTH 808 75  CRN: 20331      Professor: SHARMA


Medical Laboratory Career Exploration
Have you ever wondered who works in the hospital laboratory? What types of testing do they perform?  What role does the medical laboratorian play in the healthcare field and what skills do you need? Welcome to the world of medical laboratory science! If you are a high school student with an interest in laboratory science, join our Medical Laboratory Technology faculty as we explore tests performed to aid in detecting cancer, diabetes, kidney disease, bacterial infections and blood typing used in transfusion medicine. The last class will consist of a walking field trip to a local hospital laboratory where students will meet employees and view the sophisticated testing performed by these individuals.Upon successful completion, students can earn one (1) credit for IDS 132- Health Career Exploration at Middlesex Community College $175
3/25-4/17 4:00pm-6:00pm  Monday and Wednesday
Lowell Campus, Room LT 401
Course Number: YTH 818 80   CRN: 20332    Professor: McHale
No class April 15. Last class on April 17 will be from 4pm-7pm


Engineering/CAD Design
Engineering/CAD careers offer tremendous versatility and opportunities as the work makes an impact on our everyday world. Engineers and Computer Aided Designers (CAD) have the opportunity to design things that can significantly improve our lives. This class will introduce high school students to a career in engineering and CAD. Students will explore their skills, values, and life goals while be introduced to tools such as hand-on printed circuit board layout, 3D printers, and other engineering tools through software programs and lecture. We will include career mapping, tools such as SOLIDWORKS, printed circuit board layout, to formulate a real-world perspective on current jobs in Engineering and CAD and the requirements needed to achieve them! Class will culminate with an assessment. Upon successful completion, students can earn (1) credit for IDS135 – STEM Career Exploration at Middlesex Community College.   (15 hrs) $175
6/3 - 6/12     3:30pm - 6pm   Mon/Tue/Wed
Bedford Campus
YTH 804 30    CRN: 14462   Professor Escalona


Public Service Career Exploration
This course is intended for students who are interested in learning about careers within Public Service at the local, state or federal level. A variety of different public service careers will be explored within the following fields: law enforcement agencies, court system, corrections, emergency response services and victim services. Students will explore their work interests, personality, skills, values and life goals in order to identify possible public service careers that match with their strengths. Career mapping and organization research will be used to formulate a real-world perspective on current jobs and the requirements needed to achieve them. Class includes walking field trips and tours of the Lowell Police Department and Lowell Justice Center. Upon successful completion, students can earn (1) credit for IDS133 – Public Service Career Exploration at Middlesex Community College.    (15 hrs) $175
7/8 – 7/11    9am-12:45pm    Mon/Tue/Wed/Thur
Lowell Campus
YTH 825 80    CRN: 14463    Professor: Nobrega


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