Our Faculty and Staff

The faculty at Middlesex Community College enjoys national recognition for their excellence in teaching and learning. Business Administration faculty are experts in the field of career and workplace skills development. Many of our faculty have over 20 years teaching experience. All of our faculty remains current in their area of expertise and many continue to work in the world of business insuring that the skills they teach are state of the art industry standards.


Dean Judith Hogan hoganj@middlesex.mass.edu

Administrative Assistant Kristen McBride-Silva mcbridesilvak@middlesex.mass.edu


BLP Full Time Faculty

Ron Brevard                     brevardr@middlesex.mass.edu

Fred Colangelo                  colangelof@middlesex.mass.edu

Heloisa DaCunha               dacunhah@middlesex.mass.edu

James Dottin                     dottinj@middlesex.mass.edu

John Femia                        femiaj@middlesex.mass.edu

Stacie Hargis                     hargiss@Middlesex.mass.edu

Kimberly Morrissey            morrisseyk@middlesex.mass.edu

Peyton Paxon                    paxonp@middlesex.mass.edu

Lynda Pintrich                   pintrichl@middlesex.mass.edu

Ashli Ree                          reea@middlesex.mass.edu

Vikram Sharma                  sharmav@middlesex.mass.edu

Halye Sugarman                 sugarmanh@middlesex.mass.edu

BLP Adjunct Faculty

Hector Agostini                 agostinih@middlesex.mass.edu

Mark Armstrong                armstrongm@middlesex.mass.edu

Peter Band                        bandp@middlesex.mass.edu

Linda Butterworth-Till         butterworthtilll@Middlesex.mass.edu

Jeanne Canale                   canalej@middlesex.mass.edu

Richard Canale                  canaler@middlesex.mass.edu

Alfred Carosi                     carosia@Middlesex.mass.edu

Barbara Dexter-Smith        dextersmithb@middlesex.mass.edu

James Duffy                       duffyj@middlesex.mass.edu

Joseph Gardner                 gardnerj@Middlesex.mass.edu

James Grenier                   grenierj@middlesex.mass.edu

Steven Grisholm              grisholms@middlesex.mass.edu

Hector Guillen                   guillenh@middlesex.mass.edu

Elizabeth Hastings             hastingse@middlesex.mass.edu

Diane Hudson                    hudsond@middlesex.mass.edu

Frank Kilroy                      kilroyf@middlesex.mass.edu

Shannon Leate-Varney      leates@Middlesex.mass.edu

Craig Lemire                     lemirec@middlesex.mass.edu

James Mazza                    mazzaj@Middlesex.mass.edu

Patricia McCauley              mccauleyp@middlesex.mass.edu

Joseph McGowan              mcgowanj@Middlesex.mass.edu

Patricia Morrow                morrow@middlesex.mass.edu

Jeanne Newhall                newhallj@middlesex.mass.edu

Barbara Noonan               noonanb@middlesex.mass.edu 

James O’Brien                   obrienj@middlesex.mass.edu

Stephen O’Leary               olearys@middlesex.mass.edu

Judith Orfao                      orfaoj@middlesex.mass.edu

Michael Ortiz                     ortizm@Middlesex.mass.edu

Joseph Patuto                   patutoj@middlesex.mass.edu

Susan Peredna-Traina       perednatrainas@middlesex.mass.edu

Louis Perriello                    periellol@middlesex.mass.edu

Vincent Restivo                restivov@middlesex.mass.edu

Charlene Ryan                   ryanc@middlesex.mass.edu

Luciano Sappia                  sappial@middlesex.mass.edu

Mary Twomey                   twomeym@Middlesex.mass.edu

Deborah Walsh                 walshd@Middlesex.mass.edu

Lori Weir                          weirl@middlesex.mass.edu

Many additional faculty teach on a part time basis. For more information about adjunct faculty please contact Judith Hogan at hoganj@middlesex.mass.edu.

Last Modified: 11/12/21