Kerri Becca

Middlesex Community College's English Department


It has never been a more exciting time to be a writer and reader at Middlesex Community College. Here's just a sample of what our students are participating in -- our student literary magazine, The Dead River Review, the annual Student Literature Conference (LitCon), and open Poetry/Fiction Reading Contests. Middlesex students are writing, publishing, and presenting their own works of poetry, fiction and literary analysis all year round.

The English department offers two concentrations: Creative Writing and Literature. These concentrations provide a broad range of writing and literature courses, both in the classroom and online, as well as visits by emerging and internationally known authors as part of our Visiting Writers Series.

We look forward to working with you when you first enter the department through our MCC Writing Program and watching you grow as readers, writers and thinkers. Our small class sizes allow students to ask questions, participate in lively discussions, and get to know their professors. You will have the opportunity to grapple with important texts and see how they shed light on today's complex world. The problem-solving skills that are honed in the small-class environment prepare students to succeed in higher education and in the workplace.

Jill Keller
English Department Chair

Last Modified: 8/4/23