Proctored Exams for MCC Courses

MCC does not currently offer proctor services for outside exams. Student Assessment does provide proctored exam services for students with accommodations or students needing to make up a course exam.

Testing  Process for Students with Approved Accommodations

The Student Assessment staff will coordinate and proctor accommodated exams.

Student Assessment is located at:

  • Bedford - Enrollment Center, Building 9, Student Assessment, Room 114
  • Lowell - Cowan Center, Student Assessment, Room 205

Students are required to give a minimum of one week’s notice to Student Assessment about an upcoming exam by requesting to book through Accommodate Test Booking. Students must complete the Semester Accommodation Request process with Student Access and Support Services before they will be able to register for exams.

The process to access testing accommodations is as follows:

One week before each exam:
  • Student checks the available test times in Accommodate.
  • Student notifies their instructor(s) each time they intend to use their test-taking accommodations and communicates with their instructor(s) regarding the time of the exam.
  • Student requests a testing slot through Accommodate and checks for confirmation prior to the test.

On exam day:

  • Student arrives at Student Assessment in time for the scheduled start of the exam. Arriving late could prevent entry into the testing room.
  • When the student enters EC-114 or LC-205, the Student Assessment staff member will request that the student provide a photo ID and the student will be directed to a location to leave ALL bags, electronics, books, notebooks, coats, etc. during the exam.
  • Students are not allowed to bring anything into the testing room without prior approval (e.g., headphones, phones, calculators, laptops, etc.).
  • The Student Assessment staff member will proctor the student throughout the exam, following the testing accommodations and the instructor’s instructions per the testing form.
  • Student Assessment staff returns the completed exam to the instructor.

If, during the exam, it is determined that the student is cheating, the staff member proctoring the exam will stop the exam immediately, take the exam from the student or stop computer entry and report the incident to the instructor immediately. It is up to the instructor to determine the consequences for the cheating offense (e.g., fail the exam, retake, etc.).

Testing  Process for Make Up Exams

Students can take course exams with approval from their instructor if an exam is missed.The Student Assessment staff can coordinate and proctor these exams. Students needing to make up a course exam can schedule an appointment by emailing Student Assessment at

The Testing Centers are located at:

Bedford, Enrollment Center, Building 9, Student Assessment, Room 114

Lowell, Cowan Center, 2nd floor, Student Assessment, Room 205

Students needing to make up an exam must contact their instructor for assistance. If the instructor approves the use of the testing center, students should contact the office by email. Students must provide the Proctored Test Exam form to their instructors with exam instructions. Students should only provide this form is they do not receive accommodations for testing.

Email: (Please specify the campus.)

Lowell: (978) 656-3016

Bedford: (781) 280-3735

If you schedule by phone, please leave a message. Student Assessment staff cannot answer phone calls while exams are in progress.

Last Modified: 6/21/24