Site Ownership

MCC Web Management Team

MCC’s Web Management Team consists of the Executive Vice President, Chief Information Officer and the Director of Marketing Communications. The MCC Web Management Team is responsible for administrative oversight of the College website. The MCC Web Management Team will be the final approving authority for all College websites/pages.

Content Providers

Administrative departments, academic units, individual faculty and staff, and student and college organizations may contribute content to the various websites. Content providers, in effect, own the content of a given page and are responsible for accuracy. Content providers must have firsthand knowledge of a particular page’s content. Though they need not have specialized Web-publishing knowledge, familiarity with Web-writing guidelines is very useful because text online is read differently than printed text and thus needs to be written differently. All pages must include the content provider’s email address on the bottom of the page*, along with the date that the page was last updated so that interested readers can get in touch with the content expert.

Straightforward problems, such as broken links, outdated information, or any other functional issues with MCC’s site can be sent directly to the content manager of the site by clicking "Last Modified.”

Other things content providers should remember in the design of websites include the following:

  • In the construction of your pages, avoid
    • sexist and/or racist material
    • offensive language
    • defamatory, abusive or harassing material
    • pornographic material
    • commercial advertising
    • confidential information
    • copyrighted material may not be posted without permission of the copyright holder.
  • Do nothing that might lead users of the MIDDLESEX website into making improper use of our facilities, for example, providing links to
    • archives that may contain pornographic material
    • sites that distribute illegal software

Site Editor

Every website must be owned and maintained by a staff or faculty member – not a student or external company. Using an external vendor to create, and in some instances to help maintain, a site is acceptable; however, at least one faculty or staff member from the responsible office must own and be accountable for the site, including having a basic knowledge of how to update, remove or change information on the site. Student interns may help create or update sites; however, a student cannot be the owner of the website and cannot be the only person in the responsible office who knows how to update and edit the site.

Ownership by staff or faculty is essential in order to maintain continuity of a website. Student workers are a marvelous resource, but when the student leaves, the website still needs to be maintained, updated and even redesigned at some point. Without ownership by staff or faculty, material on the Web can easily become outdated. Outdated and inaccurate information on a website is often worse than no information at all.


The OmniUpdate Content Management system maintains a registry of ownership of each page on the College website. The information gathered for the registry is used to not only delete old or non-maintained sites, but also to quickly identify who is responsible for each website/page. Each owner of a newly created webpage is registered through OmniUpdate as the site owner.

Departmental vs. Central Control

Every office, organization and academic department is responsible for the accuracy of the content presented on its website, as well as keeping the site updated, fresh and consistent with the overall look of the Middlesex Community College homepage and interior pages. The MCC Web Management Team has overall oversight not only of the College’s homepage and interior pages, but also of all pages on the Middlesex Community College website.

When there are egregious errors or problems with a site, the Technology Center Service Desk will contact the person responsible for the page and discuss ways to fix the problem. If the problem persists or if it is an emergency situation that requires immediate attention, the Web Management Team maintains the right and responsibility to shut down a site, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Last Modified: 8/4/23