Academic Support Mission

The Academic Centers for Enrichment (ACE) Department exists to serve as a resource for students and faculty alike. Take a look at our Mission, and learn about our Peer Tutors and SI Leaders.


The mission of the Academic Support Program is to empower students to become independent, intellectually curious, lifelong learners. The objective is to teach students to navigate their own learning by:

  • Reinforcing class content through peer tutoring and supplemental instruction
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Building self-confidence and self-advocacy
  • Encouraging risk-taking and building perseverance
  • Providing opportunities for leadership development

ACE Student Leaders

Peer Tutors and SI Leaders are guides, helpers, coaches, listeners, friends, and motivators. The goals of ACE student leaders are to foster active learning, independence and motivation. The Academic Centers for Enrichment offers a challenging and supportive environment for all students. Tutoring and Supplemental Instruction sessions may include:

  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses
  • Setting goals
  • Collaborative learning
  • Study skills and strategies
  • Finding a purpose for the assignment
  • Exploring the subject matter
  • Breaking down tasks
  • Exploring solutions and finding answers
Program Learning Outcomes for students who use our services:

Student Learning Outcomes for students who use our services:

  • After participating in three or more SI or Tutoring sessions, students will demonstrate independent application of learning strategies.   
  • Upon completion of three or more SI or Tutoring sessions, students will be able to comprehensively explain, analyze, or breakdown a topic that was addressed in a session. 
  • Students who participate in three or more SI or Tutoring sessions will pass their tutored or SI supported course at a higher rate than non-tutored or non SI supported students.
  • Students who participate in SI or Tutoring sessions develop positive attitudes toward learning and confidence in their ability to perform the skills addressed in the session.
ACE Student Leader Learning Outcomes:
  • ACE PSLO 01 – 01 Application of Learning Preference Strategies Outcome: Peer Tutors and SI leaders will use instructional strategies that support multiple learning modalities during academic support sessions. 
  • ACE PSLO 02 – Multicultural and Global Awareness Outcome - ACE student leaders are able to articulate their own perspectives in the context of other worldviews, and act in a supportive and respectful manner that is sensitive to the viewpoints of other cultural groups. 
  • ACE PSLO 03 - Student Leaders will develop a comprehensive set of skills and tools to rely on thru leadership experiences which will foster opportunities to actively demonstrate them.  (such as time management, group dynamics, team building)
  • ACE PSLO 04 - Student Leaders will be able to apply appropriate communication skills across settings, purposes, and audiences.
Last Modified: 2/12/21