Records Access Officer's Responsibilities

The Records Access Officer's responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

The officer shall coordinate an agency’s response to requests for public records.

The records access officer shall, to the extent feasible, provide the public record in the requestor’s preferred format or, in the absence of a preferred format, in a searchable, machine readable format.

The records access officer shall provide the public records to a requestor by electronic means unless the record is not available in electronic form or the requestor does not have the ability to receive or access the records in a usable electronic form.

The officer shall not be required to create a new public record in order to comply with a request, provided that furnishing a segregable portion of a public record shall not be deemed to be creation of a new record.

If the public record requested is available on a public website the officer may furnish the public record by providing reasonable assistance in locating the requested record on the public website.

MCC's Records Access Officer is:

Rebecca H. Newell
Dean of Students
Middlesex Community College
Cowan Center, 5th Floor
33 Kearney Square
Lowell, MA 01852


Last Modified: 8/22/23