Student Completion Rate

Students enter community colleges with a variety of academic, career and personal goals. Many enroll at the college planning to complete a degree or certificate program. Others are more directly interested in improving their basic academic skills, mastering specific job skills, preparing to transfer to a bachelor's degree-granting institution or learning about topics of personal interest. In addition, community college students often must balance a variety of competing responsibilities, such as family, work and school, which make it difficult for many of them to enroll full time every semester.

Graduation and Transfer Rates: Of the 775 first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students in Fall 2018,

  • 21% graduated within three years or less (IPEDS 150% of time) and
  • 20% transferred to another institution within the same timeframe.

Retention Rates: Of the 1,001 first-time, degree-seeking students in Fall 2020, 53% returned in Fall 2021.

  • 60% of Full-time students retained to the next fall and
  • 44% of Part-time students retained to the next fall.
Last Modified: 1/9/24