Customer Service and Customer Relations

Quality customer service is a no-cost way of helping customers recognize just how good you really are.This workshop offers proven methods for identifying customer needs and simple techniques for developing a companywide program that will add to the perceived value of your product or services improve employee productivity enhance employee job satisfaction and eliminate job burnout.

Topics include:

  • How to assess the impact of quality service on your customers.
  • How to discover what services these customers really want from you.
  • How to create true customer service commitment within your agency.
  • How to generate citizen confidence through inspired customer assistance.
  • How to avert problems by focusing on customer needs and wants.
  • How to deliver information and services that are not customer friendly.
  • How to diffuse anger and handle irate customers.
  • How quality customer service motivates employees and increases job satisfaction.
Last Modified: 8/4/23