Reggie Nichols, Academic Advisor

My name is Reginald Nichols, I am an academic counselor on the Lowell Campus. Photo of Reggie NicholsI was born at Fort Devens in Shirley, Massachusetts. I have always loved learning. My parents were always encouraging my siblings and I to pursue education beyond high school. It was always my parents hope that their children had more opportunities than they did.

My mother and father grew up in rural Florida during legal racial segregation in the 1940s. My parents came north to Boston, Massachusetts to seek more economic opportunities. My mother worked in a belt factory. My father joined the Navy to serve his country during the Korean War. After the war, my parents got married in the West End neighborhood of Boston. My father enlisted in the Army and was shipped to Frankfurt, West Germany and my mother joined him.

My father retired from the Army in 1973 and my family returned to Boston. I graduated from the Boston Public Schools and had the opportunity to play on the first city high school team to win a state championship in football. Due to financial and academic reasons I enrolled in a community college in Boston. I graduated with my associates degree in criminal justice from Bunker Hill Community College. I transferred to the University of Massachusetts-Boston and graduated with my bachelors degree in political science. My family was so proud that I was the first in my family to earn a college degree!

After college, I worked for six years as a front-line human services worker with at risk youth and their families in Boston. During that time I completed my masters degree in education and counseling psychology from Cambridge College. I decided to pursue a career in higher education as an admissions officer with a focus on underserved populations. The opportunity to work at two premiere four-year institutions provided me the opportunity to travel around the country. It gave me a wider perspective of the unique challenges many first generation students face in order to obtain higher education.

I reflect back on the determination, support, and love my parents provided me and my siblings. All three of my siblings obtained advanced education beyond high school and currently work as an automotive technician, transit worker, and license mental health counselor. I’m a firm believer in lifelong learning and your education is always ongoing.

You never stop learning and expanding your mind. I have embraced technology and continue to develop my skills in advising, social media, leadership, and emotional intelligence. It’s important to always have in your vocabulary the word “Can” and to eliminate the word “Can’t”. You are the captain of your ship of life and responsible for steering that ship towards your destiny.

As you begin your journey at Middlesex Community College you will encounter many supportive educators. We are genuinely dedicated to your success, your goals and will help you discover your life path. I look forward to meeting you all and discussing your life path to success.


Name: Reggie Nichols

Department: Academic, Career, & Transfer Advising

Title: Lowell Campus Academic Advisor

Campus location: Cowan Center Building, Ground Floor, Student Information Center


Phone number: 978-656-3227

Last Modified: 8/2/21