First Generation Students

MCC Student - Maria Aybar

"To me, Middlesex means passion, it means giving back to others – because that's what I've learned here. I found my passion for helping others and I've become an asset to my community and my college. 

Maria Aybar - Political Science

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MCC Student - Gregory Peck

"Since starting at Middlesex, I've learned how easy it is to get back into school. I was a little afraid that college was going to be too much, but it's easier than I thought."

Gregory Peck - Class of 2018

MCC Student - Carla Rojo

I’m so proud of my time at Middlesex. I learned a skill that has served me well in life: Never be afraid to ask for help. The support I received taught me that I can do anything."

Carla Rojo - Class of 2012

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MCC Student - Kasey Clermont

"Working with children in Haiti through MCC’s International Educational Fellowship and the Be Like Brit Foundation taught me to never take anything for granted and allowed me to help where help is needed most."

Kasey Clermont - Class of 2016

MCC Student -Diana Santana

"In my ‘Globalization’ and ‘World Cultures’ Honors Seminars, I learned how to see the world from another perspective. We learned about economics, religion, culture, the environment and politics. We had guest speakers, went on a field trip to the Museum of Fine Arts, and even ate special meals together."

Diana Santana - Communications

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