Frequently Requested Public Records

Frequently Requested Public Records

The following documents and links are provided to the public in order to provide access to the most frequently requested public records without having to submit a public records request. These documents will be updated frequently to ensure that current reports, statements, minutes and links are available. If the document you are requesting does not appear on the list or when you use the "Search" feature on the upper right side of the MCC webpage, please fill out the Public Records Request Form.

Employee Salary and Benefit information:

Employee Salary information can be located by accessing the following site:

"MassOpenBooks puts the tools in your hands to find out what state employees’ make, who is getting what kind of pension and payments made by government agencies to businesses and people. With this site, you can obtain data about specific people or departments, make comparisons between departments and access a range of analytical tools."

Employee benefit information can be accessed on the Human Resources webpage or by clicking on the following link:

Audits and Financial Statements:

Middlesex Community College Financial Statements and Management's Discussion and Analysis- June 30, 2016

Middlesex Community College Independent Auditor's Reports as Required by Office of Management and Budget (OMB) Circular A-133 and Government Auditing Standards and Related Information- June 30, 2015

Minutes from Open Meetings of the Board of Trustees

Winning Bids for Public Contracts

Awards of Federal, State and Municipal Government Grants:

AAC&U MCC/Pride; STIRS 3-3-15
Community Adult Learning Center, FY17
American Science & Engineering, General Program Application, Nov. 2014
Bridges to College FY16, MCC
City of Lowell FY17 CDBG & ESG Grant Application
CircleHealth LMACS 1-8-16
Complete Fulbright Submission, Cambodia 2015
Talent Search 2016
Cummings Proposal 2016
Commonwealth Dual Enrollment Partnership Grant
Entegris General Program Application April 2013
Enterprise Bank WFTP Application
LCAF Face-to-Face Mediation Program FY17
Fulbright SIR Final Narrative
Greater Lowell Workforce Development Board, Out of School Youth FY17
LCAF Local Consumer Program FY17
MACultural Facilities Fund, 12-3-15
Adult Basic Education Transition to Community College (State)
Perkins Postsecondary Allocation Grant 2016-2017
Partners of the Americas, USA Study Abroad
2016-2017 MACC AmeriCorps* VISTA Program
MCCSTEM Starter Academy FY16
Middlesex Community College Contracts for Signature
Cyber Savvy: Increasing Access to Careers in IT Cybersecurity
MLSC Application
MOPC Budget Summary FY17
MSA CCHost 16-17
Out of School Youth Development Center
SSS TRIO Application, 2015
SSS-D Application, 2015
UpwardBound, 2011

Frequently Requested Documents and/or Policies:

Annual Safety & Security Report

Student Handbook

Academic Catalog

Academic Year Calendar


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