Benefits of Service-Learning

Service-Learning enhances community partnerships and provides powerful learning experiences for students, faculty and staff members at MCC.

Our many Service-Learning partnerships address a wide and diverse range of community needs, including literacy, developmental disabilities, health, homelessness, hunger, senior services, diversity, refugee programs, democracy, empowerment of girls, workforce development, community arts and culture, STEAM (science, technology, engineering art & math) programming, and the environment.

Benefits for the Community

• Provides more "people power" in the community

• Increases the likelihood that students will volunteer after graduation

• Broadens the pool of students who make community-focused career choices

• Provides educational resources for problem solving

• Strengthens connections between the community and the college

Benefits for the Student

• Builds confidence through providing needed services

• Explores potential careers and builds professional networks

• Learns to face and define broader community issues

• Develops 21st Century workplace skills

• Gains exposure to cultural and socio-economic differences

• Deepens class discussions and increases critical thinking

• Learns civic and social responsibility

Benefits for the College & Faculty

• Enables college to serve the community as partners

• Provides a hands-on learning setting in the community

• Applies course content to solving real-world problems

• Supports school-to-work function of the college

• Improves college and community relations

Last Modified: 8/2/21