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I had such a great experience with my short time at Challenge Unlimited that I decided to continue volunteering every other week, despite not needing to complete it for service-learning hours. I would highly recommend it to other students who are taking the Developmental Disabilities class. – Sandy Mak, MCC student


Wes NayService learning is important to me because it helps build character. College can be daunting in terms of finding the "right" major. It can assist with many career exploration goals and determine what you want to do with your future. It’s about learning about yourself and asking "is this right for me?" While at the same time, it allows you to get to know your community and be involved. For those who has never volunteered, it can be a very rewarding experience. The benefits gained are far and wide and include professionalism, organization, teaching, leadership, networking, etc. With all the benefits attainable, it helps build confidence and experience.

To commit yourself for only a semester and gain all of this experience and benefits is an absolute win/win outcome.

I've done Service-Learning through Jumpstart at Lowell Day Nursery and as a tutor at the Bartlett school. Both experiences were different and unique and have guided the path I want to pursue.
~Weasner Nay (graduated with a Liberal Arts and Sciences Psychology Concentration)

 I have been a faculty member teaching a course with a required Service-Learning component for 7 years. I have to say that each semester, my students consistently report to me that their service learning experience has been life changing.  Students gain knowledge, hands on experience, robust practice and increased confidence working with children and individuals with disabilities.  Many students have reported to me that the Service-Learning experience has impacted their career direction.  Following their experience, many choose careers which involve working and supporting children and students with developmental disabilities. A recent student commented, after completing her Service-Learning experience on campus in the Inclusive Concurrent Enrollment Initiative with students with intellectual disabilities: "I feel like I made an impact on the students and I’m happy I got to meet the students in the program. I learned a lot from this service-learning and I’m looking forward to continuing my goal to become a teacher".   - Susan Woods, Adjunct Faculty, PSY-123 - Developmental Disabilities 

photo of John EdmondsService-Learning provides students with a chance to discover how good it makes you feel to give to the community. Altruism is for the betterment of communities.
~John Edmonds, Adjunct Faculty in STEM & partner with the Bartlett School


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Middlesex service-learning students become role models for our members and the kids hear first-hand the importance of a college education.  ~Lowell Boys and Girls Club
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