Blackboard Tips and Help

Blackboard: The college's learning management system is Blackboard. Blackboard Help is your one-stop shop for the product documentation for many Blackboard products, including Blackboard Learn. This site allows you to view the help topics without logging in, while adaptive search and tagging help you find what you're looking for. 

Tips for students using MCC’s Blackboard Learning Management System

  • Use Google Chrome as your browser (download Google Chrome if you do not have it on your desktop)
  • A Mac or MS (android) computer, chromebook, Ipad with keyboard or other tablet will work with Blackboard. Phones are not recommended for uploading assignments and may be difficult for listening to lectures or other materials that require a larger responsive device.
  • It is best to use MS Office 365 (you can get access through the Information Technology Office) at ) to write a paper/assignment and upload it to Blackboard. 
  • Google docs must be saved as a pdf or you must submit the link to the google document to your Instructor since Blackboard does not accept Google docs as an upload.
  • If you can not open a URL from within Blackboard, copy & paste it into your browser, press enter.
  • If you have questions about your assignments, contact your Instructor right away. If you are having technical difficulties with your computer or logging into Blackboard, contact Technical Support at or call 978-656-3301
  • For Technology Center Services, please access the website at;
  • For Blackboard Collaborate Online Help visit
Last Modified: 8/4/23