Suggested Classroom Safety Protocols for Faculty

If a student is exhibiting inappropriate behavior in a classroom setting, faculty should consider the options below. Faculty actions will depend on circumstances, but the following responses are recommended.

Disruptive Behavior-You are not feeling unsafe or threatened

1. Instruct the student to stop the behavior –use a calm, respectful, and authoritative voice.

  • Follow due process procedures: tell the student the behavior needs to stop, give them the opportunity to change the behavior, and tell them what the consequences will be if the behavior continues.
  • Require the student to schedule a meeting with you prior to the next class.

2. If the behavior continues, ask the student to leave the class immediately.

If student refuses to leave, follow protocol below

Aggressive or Intimidating Behavior

1. Instruct the student to stop the behavior and ask the student to leave the class immediately.

2. If the student does not leave, consider the following:

  • Use your cell phone to call Security or ask a student to do so.
  • Dismiss the class and contact Security - Lowell:  978-656-3201 or Bedford: 781-589-0234.

Direct Threat to Physical Safety

Immediately call 911, dismiss class, and call Security: Lowell:  978-656-3201 or Bedford: 781-589-0234.

After the Incident

Document the incident.  Immediately notify Leonard Russ, Dean of Students and appropriate academic dean.  The student must meet with Leonard Russ, Dean of Student for disciplinary action.

Personal Safety

Secure your personal belongings in safe places. If you are alone in a building, especially at night, please inform Security.  If you are worried about your safety ask Security to walk you to your car.  Develop a "personal safety plan", including having emergency numbers on speed dial in your cell phone.

Last Modified: 5/10/24