Resources to Assist With Challenging Student Behavior

For any situation where there is a concern about student behavior, we recommend that faculty/staff start by consulting with Lynn Gregory, Wellness Counselor and Consultant. In addition to mental health services to students, Lynn provides consultation to faculty, staff and administrators regarding students' emotional well-being, managing challenging student behavior, and related campus issues. She serves as the liaison between faculty/staff and the Dean of Students Office, she is a member of the Student Assessment and Intervention Team (SAIT), and she regularly provides training to the College community about student behavior. These trainings can be requested and customized for a particular College work area, Department or Division.

In individual consultations, Lynn can provide information, training, and support regarding how best to manage students' emotional/behavioral issues that surface in the classroom, in offices, or in other areas around the college.

Lynn Gregory
Wellness Counselor
Enrollment Center, Room 217
(781) 280-3635

General Recommendations:

  • Document any incident that is of concern to you and/or seems to be an ongoing issue.
  • Consider notifying your supervisor/Division Dean
  • Documentation should include the following information:
    • dates/times of the incident(s)
    • specific behaviors (without interpretation)
    • action taken (verbal warning, referral)
    • the student's response
  • Consider completing a Small Incident Form, which will be directly forwarded to the Dean of Students.

NOTE: Report situations needing immediate intervention directly to:
Rebecca Newell, Dean of Students
(978) 656-3363

Last Modified: 8/4/23