Equity in Retention

The John N. Gardner Institute for Excellence in Undergraduate Education is a non-profit organization dedicated to partnering with colleges, universities, philanthropic organizations, educators, and other entities to increase institutional responsibility for improving outcomes associated with teaching, learning, retention, and completion. Through its efforts, the Institute strives to advance higher education’s larger goal of achieving equity and social justice. The Gardner Institute defines equity work in higher education using an anti-racist and anti-poverty lens. Research indicates that the best predictor of student success in American higher education can be linked to race/equity and family income. Thus, the Gardner Institute assists institutions towards a cultural shift to spotlight equitable and inclusive practices at their institution. At MCC, we strive towards equity by working to build a culture of equity-mindedness and expansive excellence for all. 

Middlesex Community College was selected to join the 2021 Gardner Institute Equity in Retention Academy. Through their summer 2021 five week academy, the MCC team drafted a proposal on how we could improve retention at Middlesex Community College.  https://www.jngi.org/equity-in-retention-academy

Participants from MCC included:

Steven G. Rossi
Director of Student Engagement & Retention

Christine Bell
Director of Academic Centers for Enrichment

Christopher Fiori
Director of Data Analytics

Winny Oyamo-Twombly
Interim Senior Director of Career Integrated Learning

Deborah Botker
Social Science & IDS Dept. Chair
Associate Professor of History
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