Testimonials and Tips from Current and Former Students

Stephanie V.      Student Stephanie V sitting outside with her service dog, Luna

“MCC DSS office is always looking for alternative ways of making non-accessible material accessible. They always work their hardest to help everybody to the best of their abilities. Specialists at the DSS office have helped me become the great student that I am today, by helping me overcome the barriers that my disability puts in front of me. “

My tip: I would advise any student with disabilities to take advantage of the wonderful staff that MCC has at the DSS office and to always speak your mind of what you think will work for you, because the staff is great.  They are always trying to help you in the best way, but no one knows you and your abilities better than yourself.

Kevin D. Picture of former student Keven D. dressed in a buisiness suit holding coffee

“The Disability Support department helped me become more self-reliant by providing me the tools such as Assistive Technology software which gives me the opportunity to learn and study with confidence instead of being dependent on others for support.”

Earl W.Student Earl W. standing in Lowell DSS office area

“MCC DSS is a wonderful resource for anyone with a disability. The staff in DSS is very helpful and supportive. When I started at MCC I was nervous and skeptical of the school and the DSS department, but I was very surprised by how caring, understanding, and supportive the staff and administration have been, because of the support and guidance I have received. I have maintained a high GPA, joined SUGA, and gained more self-confidence.  For any student with a disability, DSS is a safe environment to discuss your fears.”

My tip: Look at your disability as a gift vs. something to be ashamed of, it will help eliminate the stigma and misunderstanding with people who are not disabled.


Tyler L.Former student Tyler L. holding diploma Commencement Day

“The people at Disability Support … helped me put my focus and commitment on college... That commitment allowed me to be inducted into Phi Theta Kappa and graduate from MCC with highest honors. Today I am a student at UMass Lowell, and I could not be where I am now without the support of DSS at MCC. My life is richer and more accomplished now than it was before I went to college. I thank the kind people from Middlesex Community College for everything.”

Shirley A. Student Shirley A.

“DSS helped make the classes I needed accessible to me. They also provided access to assistive technology that helped me thrive in those classes.”

My tip: Don't let your disability hold you back, reach out to DSS and let them help you reach your goals!

Last Modified: 3/25/24