Additional Benefits and Resources

Work Related

Paid Leaves

  • NON-UNIT PROFESSIONALS: This group includes all regular professional employees working half time or more and who are not in the MCCC bargaining unit (see description below). Leaves are delineated in Articles VII and VIII of the Non-Unit Professionals Personnel Policies Handbook.
  • MCCC - This bargaining unit includes "all regular full-time employees occupying the positions delineated in Appendix A" and "all part-time daytime academic support personnel including employees holding the job classifications listed in Appendix A." Appendix A is at the end of Article I of the collective bargaining agreement. Sick leave, vacation leave, personal leave, and other types of leaves are governed by the collective bargaining agreement, primarily in Article IX.
  • AFSCME - This bargaining unit includes "all full-time and regular part-time employees in the bargaining units certified on January 20, 1976, and any and all amendments since that date. A regular part-time employee is defined as an employee who is expected to work 50% or more of the hours in a work year of a full-time employee in the same title." A list of positions included in this bargaining unit are listed in Appendix I of the collective bargaining agreement. Sick leave, vacation leave, personal leave and other types of leaves are governed by the collective bargaining agreement, primarily in Articles 11, 12 and 13.

Holidays: Please click here to see a full list of State Holidays.  Please note that we do not get Evacuation Day or Bunker Hill Day.


Workers' Compensation

All employees of the College are covered by Workers' Compensation which covers them if they are injured in an accident on the job.

The Division of Industrial Accidents, part of the Commonwealth's Department of Labor and Workforce Development, is responsible for administering the workers' compensation system in Massachusetts. Forms for reporting injuries and additional information can be found on the Workers' Compensation webpage.

Library: Employees can obtain a library card and take out books and other resources not only from the college's libraries but can access materials from other libraries and through many on-line sources. Information can be obtained at the Library web page.


FITNESS CENTER AND UMASS LOWELL RECREATION CENTER: All employees can use the Fitness Center and UMass Lowell Recreation Center as follows:

BEDFORD FITNESS CENTERThe Bedford Fitness Center is located in the Campus Center and is equipped with state-of-the-art weight training and cardiovascular equipment that will satisfy both the inexperienced and experienced user. Locker rooms and showers are provided. The Fitness Center is open to all currently enrolled MCC students, faculty, and staff at no charge throughout the year. Stop by for a free tour or a workout! Questions? Contact information: The Office of Student Engagement at 

MCC faculty and staff, and partners and spouses of MCC faculty/staff, are eligible to purchase memberships at the UMASS Lowell Recreation Center. This multi-million dollar facility offers an overwhelming variety of workout options, including basketball and racquetball courts, an indoor track, and a large quantity of cardiovascular and weight-training machines and equipment. Faculty and staff memberships
may be purchased directly at the UMASS Lowell Recreation Center. Questions? Contact Lauren at 781-280-3546 or

Savings and Discounts

Credit Union - Please click here for more information on The METRO Credit Union for State Employees.

Discount Programs

  • Bookstore Discount

All employees of Middlesex Community College may be eligible for a 10% discount on all non-sale merchandise at the bookstore excluding text books.

  • Apple Computer & Other Discounts

All employees of Middlesex Community College may be eligible for discounts at Apple Computer Stores. You must show proof of employment by receiving a verification letter from Human Resources. You can also obtain discounts on-line at Click on the Store tab and then click on the education store in the left side menu of the web-page and follow the directions to identify yourself as a Middlesex Community College employee. If you need further assistance please call the Human Resources Department at 781-280-3527.

  • Cellular Service Discounts

Discounts may be available to MCC employees on the following cellular phone providers:

VERIZON - Alicia Ingenito |Business Development Manager | Verizon Wireless

T- Mobile - Jamie Monahan 508-505-7810



Health Care Spending & Dependent Care Assistant Programs

Through the GIC's Health Care Spending Account (HCSA), administered by Benefit Strategies, active employees can pay for out-of-pocket health care expenses on a pre-tax basis, reducing participants' federal and state income taxes.  New employees have 30 days after date of hire to sign up for this benefit; current employees may only sign up during the open enrollment period, which is normally April through early May each year, to be effective July 1.

All active state employees who are eligible for health benefits with the GIC are eligible for HCSA. Employees must work at least 18.75 hours in a 37.5-hour work week or 20 hours in a 40-hour work week. For the 2011 calendar year, the monthly administrative fee for HCSA alone, DCAP alone, or HCSA and DCAP combined will be $1.00 on a pre-tax basis.

Examples of eligible expenses can include:

  • Physician office and prescription drug copayments
  • Medical deductibles and coinsurance
  • Eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses, and contact lenses
  • Orthodontia and dental benefits
  • Smoking cessation and child birth classes
  • Hearing aid and durable medical equipment
  • Chiropractor and acupuncture visits

For more information link to the GIC website

Last Modified: 8/4/23