Exit Form

  • The purpose of the Exit Form is to notify different College departments when an employee exits the College and/or ends their current assignment. This is necessary to ensure the employee is disconnected from access to College systems and for employment records to be updated.
  • The exit form is used whenever an employee exits the College, regardless of the reason for leaving. This may include, but is not limited to, resignation, retirement, end of assignment, termination, etc.
  • The direct supervisor who receives the notice should generate the exit form, fill out the form and attach any resignation/retirement/termination notice to the exit form.
  • The following information is requested on the exit form:
    • The exiting employee’s name, A#, HRCMS#, Position/Title, Index Number, Organization Number, Banner Position Number
    • The last day of work
    • Whether the employee will continue to work at the college in a different capacity
    • Whether the supervisor collected employee keys, parking access card, college cell phone/laptop/iPad/etc.  
  • Once the direct supervisor has submitted the Exit Form, the form will be sent through the task routing process. The departments in the task routing for the Exit Form are the following:
      1. Department Supervisor/Manager
      2. Human Resources Representative
      3. Information Technology
      4. Finance Representative 
      5. Enrollment Representative
      6. Library Representative 

Step-by-Step Guide to Process an Exit Form in Interview Exchange: 

Last Modified: 10/13/23