Facts and Questions

  1. How do I change my health insurance provider?
    You may only change health insurance providers during the Open Enrollment Period, which happens once a year, usually between mid-April and mid-May for an effective of July 1st.

  2. What if I waived my health insurance but now need it, or what if I get married or if I give birth to or adopt a child and need to change from individual to a family plan?
    Outside of the open enrollment period you may only pick up health insurance or change from individual to family plan due to a "qualifying event." A qualifying event includes a marriage, divorce, giving birth to or adopting a child, and losing insurance because your spouse has been laid off. For other reasons you should contact Lauren x3546  to determine whether the reason is considered a qualifying event.

  3. What holidays do I get?
    This site lists the official list of Massachusetts Holidays. If you are a part-time employee you may or may not be paid for holidays. You should contact your supervisor or Human Resources if you do not know your holiday status.

  4. I just got married and changed my last name. Whom should I inform?
    You need to contact Idania x3527 to complete necessary paperwork to update your official employment records. You may need to contact payroll if you want to change your W-4.

  5. If I change my address, whom should I notify?
    You need to contact Idania x3527 to complete necessary paperwork to update your official employment records, including health insurance, dental insurance, and payroll.

  6. Where do I get parking stickers?
    For employees at the Bedford Campus you must obtain a parking sticker application from Frank Morande, ext 3573, Facilities Building complete and return it to Frank. For employees at the Lowell Campus you must obtain a parking sticker application from Carmen Pagan, Lowell Campus, 5th Floor, ext 3156, complete and return it to Carmen. Full-time employees at the Lowell Campus also need to complete an application to receive a parking garage pass. This can be obtained from Carmen also and submitted to the garage to receive the pass.

  7. What should I do if I get a parking ticket?
    Parking violations issued must be paid within 21 days of receiving the violation at the Student Accounts Office Bedford Campus, B-8, or Student Accounts Office at the Lowell Campus. Violations not paid within the 21 days will result in additional monetary penalties, after which you will be called to a hearing. If you do not appear for the hearing said violation would be forwarded to the Registry of Motor Vehicles to be put on "hold status" until the violation is paid and a RMV release form is issued. Additional information on the administrative services web page.

  8. How do I reserve a room for a meeting?
    You may reserve rooms for business meetings by filling out a request through R25. Once logged into the MCC Portal you should click on room reservations, which is under the Faculty and Staff tab and follow the directions listed. You can search the availability of a specific room or search to see what rooms may be available at a specified date and time.

  9. Can I announce personal/family news?
    All Employees may have information regarding Personal/Family news posted on the College-wide Newscaster email system in accordance with the Newscaster policy

  10. How do I get my pay advice?
    The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a website where you can view and print out your pay advices. Further information can be obtained from the Payroll website.

  11. How do I get reimbursed for travel and work expenses?
    All employees can go to FORMS on the MCC homepage and download the travel & expense reimbursement form. Fill out and have supervisor sign off and attach receipts and send to Ping Guo in Bedford – Bldg. #10 Cataldo Bldg.

  12. How do I get business cards?
    With the approval of their supervisors, employees may obtain business cards by filling out and submitting a request to purchasing. You can obtain a form on the Purchasing website.

  13. How do I disclose a disability and request a reasonable accommodation? Under the ADA (as amended) an employee may request a reasonable accommodation by contacting Marielle Abou-Mitri, Associate Director of HR and interim ADA Coordinator at 781-280-3502 or  aboumitrim@middlesex.mass.edu . The Middlesex Community College Policy on Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity & Diversity provides additional information.

  14. What should I do if I get injured on the job?Workers' Compensation information

  15. How do I get an MCC ID? Faculty or Staff members at MCC may obtain their MCC ID from the Public Safety Office on either the Lowell or Bedford Campus.
Last Modified: 3/26/24